भूमि दोस निदान

Services We Deal With

Scientific Vastushastra Consultancy and Dowsing Analysis of Flats, Farm ,School , College , Corporate Office ,Factory ,Industry unit , Bank Star Hotel , Resturant , Resort , Construction Site  ,Land, & big Housing Projects .
Geopathic Stress Detection & Land Fault Analysis for Health Problems .Underground Water Finding for borewell or deep well
Office and Factory Selection as per Vastu compliance and Energy analysis thru Dowsing Science .
Match-making for Marriage (characteristic attitude & Suitability of Girl and boy) , Logo Selection  .
Suitable Company Name Selection . Business Selection
Selection of Business Partner in any field . Career Selection  (Service or Business in various field)
Dowsing Analysis for characteristic attitude of the person for Business , Selection of Education faculty 
Remedies on Geopathic Stress & harmful Water Vein (Critical Health Problem)
Political Analysis for suitability of Political career
Beneficial Colours Selection​ for Person and for Visiting Cards & Letterhead . Suitable Gems Selection for Individuals
Website name Selection and Website colours ,
Colour selection of Label and Product  for Indian and Multinational companies .

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